Those of our affiliates, companies and individuals who work with us here in a promotional capacity will receive commission. Our rates are extremely competitive and our monthly payments are timely and prompt. Fun Casino Affiliates commission rates range from 20 to 40%.


Commission payments will be sent, via bank transfer, to all affiliates of the 10th of the month. The payment will be a percentage of the net revenue, generated by players, at the rate of commission which has been previously agreed upon. In instances where the total commission due on revenue generated within one month has not exceeded 500 euros, the amount will be automatically added onto the next month.

Commission Plan Percentage
0 euro - 2,500 euro Net revenue 20% commission
2,501 euro - 5,000 euro Net revenue 25% commission
5,001 euro - 10,000 euro Net revenue 30% commission
10,001 euro - 25,000 euro Net revenue 35% commission
25,000 euro – and over 40% commission


Please note that commission is paid on the net revenue amount calculated after making certain deductions. These deductions include costs such as: charge backs; discretionary returns; payment costs, platform costs and costs for games. These amount to an average cost per partner of approximately 20% (actual costs will vary).

Zero Negative Carry-Over

Here at Fun Casino Affiliates, we have a policy of carrying over zero negative commission from month to month. Every month, any outstanding negative commission is completely wiped off.

Note that certain players will be excluded from our zero carry-over policy these will be players who have won over 5,000.00 euros in a single month. These players will be put into a ‘quarantine’ zone until such time that they become ‘positive’ players once more. Also note that players who win jackpots will count towards negative commission as their jackpot contributions will have already been paid, therefore when a player wins a jackpot, this will not affect the calculated net revenue and commission.


Alternatively, affiliates can join our CPA program if this is something they would prefer to do. Our Fun Casino Affiliate CPA rates are as follows:

150.00 euros = 1-25 customers per month
250.00 euros = 26-50 customers per month
Negotiable = 51 + customers per month

Terms and Conditions apply. Please get in touch with an Affiliate Manager for more information.